Lyons' Show Pigs

Mayo, Florida


Lyons Show Pigs


2020 Success 

North Florida Livestock Show        Grand Champion

North Florida Livestock Show        5th Overall

Suwannee River                               Grand Champion

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Champion Yorkshire Barrow

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt

Polk County                                      Division 2 Champion

Florida State Fair                              Division 1 Champion

Swine on the Suwannee                3rd Overall Crossbred

Peach State Summer Classic   5th Overall Breeding Gilt

Tiger King Classic                     Champion Yorkshire Gilt

Summer Swine Showdown       Champion Yorkshire Gilt

Summer Swine Showdown       4th Overall Breeding Gilt

2019 Champions

Suwannee Valley        Reserve Champion

Desoto County        Grand Champion

Sumter County           Reserve Champion

2017 Champions

Osceola County                        Grand Champion

Osceola County                        Reserve Champion

Okeechobee County                 Reserve Champion

Suwannee Valley                      Grand Champion

Marion County                          Grand Champion

Marion County                          Reserve Champion

Hamilton County (2016)           Grand Champion

Please notify us if you earned Grand or Reserve Champion honors. 

2016 Champions

Lake County                              Grand Champion

Charlotte County                        Grand Champion

Desoto County                           Reserve Champion

Polk County                               Reserve Champion

Martin County                            Grand Champion

North Florida Livestock              Grand Champion

Suwannee River                         Grand Champion

Suwannee River                         Reserve Champion

Alachua County                          Reserve Champion

Suwannee Valley                        Grand Champion

Suwannee Valley                        Reserve Champion

2014-2015 Champions

Volusia County                            Grand Champion

Volusia County                            Reserve FFA Champion

Hamilton County                          Grand Champion

Hamilton County                          Reserve Grand Champion

Kissimmee Valley                        Grand Champion

Kissimmee Valley                        Reserve Grand Champion

Desoto County                             Grand Champion

North Florida Livestock                Grand Champion

North Florida Livestock                Reserve Grand Champion

Florida State Fair                          Grand Champion

Putnam County                            Reserve Grand Champion

Okeechobee County                    Carcass Champion

Hendry County                             Grand Champion

2013-2014 Champions

Polk County                                                  Grand

North Florida Livestock                                  Grand

North Florida Livestock                                  Reserve

Suwannee River                                            Reserve

Suwannee Valley                                            Grand

Kissimmee                                                     Grand

Bradford/Union                                               Reserve

2012-2013 Champions

Volusia County                                           Grand

Volusia County                                          Reserve

Florida State Fair                                       Grand

Central Florida Fair                                    Grand

Suwannee River                                        Grand

LaBelle                                                    Grand

Marion County                                          Grand

Collier County                                          Grand

Bradford/Union                                         Grand

Martin County                                           Grand

North Florida Livestock                              Grand

Kissimmee Valley                                     Grand

Alachua County                                         Reserve

North Florida Livestock                               Reserve

Collier County                                          Reserve

Volusia County                                         Reserve

2012  Champions

Desoto County                    Reserve

Clay County                         Reserve

Bradford/Union                    Reserve

Florida State Fair                 Reserve

North Florida Livestock (Madison)                            Reserve

Suwannee River Fair            Grand

Suwannee Valley (Live Oak)  Grand

Suwannee Valley (Live Oak)  Reserve

Sumter County                     Reserve

Moore Haven                        Reserve

Clewiston                             Grand

Clewiston                             Reserve

2011 Spring Champions

West Palm                           Grand

West Palm                           Reserve

Marion Co.                           Grand

Collier Co.                           Grand

North Florida Livestock        Grand

Suwannee River                  Reserve

Hardee Co.                         Reserve

Sumter                                Reserve

Orlando (Central Florida       Reserve

Suwannee Valley (Live Oak) Grand

Suwannee Valley (Live Oak) Reserve

Spring 2010 Champions

North Florida Livestock Show (Madison) Reserve

Suwannee Valley (Live Oak)                     Grand

Suwannee Valley (Live Oak)                     Reserve

Suwannee River (Fanning Springs)            Reserve

Strawberry Festival                                     Grand

Sumter County                                            Grand

Charlotte County                                        Grand

Charlotte County                                        Reserve

Lee County (Ft. Myers)                              Grand

Lee County (Ft. Myers)                               Reserve


Fall 2008 - Spring 2009 Champions


Jackson County                      Grand

Florida State Fair                   Grand  

Charlotte County                    Grand

Kissimmee                                 Grand

Kissimmee                                 Reserve

Suwannee Valley                     Grand

Suwannee River                       Grand

Suwannee River                      Reserve

Citrus County                            Grand

Marion County                         Grand

University of Florida's Hog and Ham Program Carcass Champion

Fall 2007- Spring 2008 Champions List

Hamilton Co.                        Grand

Charlotte Co.                         Grand

Charlotte Co.                         Reserve

Desoto Co.                              Grand

Osceola Co.                            Grand

Florida State Fair                Grand

Florida State Fair                Reserve

Strawberry Festival           Grand

Strawberry Festival            Reserve

Collier Co.                               Grand

Collier Co.                              Reserve

Hendry Co.                            Grand

Hendry Co.                            Reserve

North Florida Livestock   Grand

North Florida Livestock   Reserve

Putnam Co.                            Reserve

Suwannee Valley                 Grand

Suwannee River                  Grand

Marion County                      Grand

Marion County                      Reserve

Hendry County                     Reserve


Fall 2006-Spring 2007 Winners

Jackson County                      Grand

Hillsborough County             Reserve

Manatee County                    Reserve

Collier County                       Grand

Collier County                        Reserve

Florida State Fair                  Reserve

North Florida Livestock        Grand

Charlotte County                   Grand

Charlotte County                   Reserve

Washington County               Grand

Washington County               Reserve

Suwannee River                     Grand

Suwannee Valley                    Grand

Suwannee Valley                    Reserve

Citrus County                         Grand

Citrus County                         Reserve