Lyons' Show Pigs

Mayo, Florida


Lyons Show Pigs


How We Serve You

We are excited about the upcoming 2020 Fall Show Pig season. We will have close to 80 litters of pigs that will be available this Summer for Fall shows in September - November.

When customers visit the farm they are asked to make an appointment prior to their visit. Lyons Show Pigs offer customers the chance to view and critique pigs on shavings in the showbarn. Usually at least 15-20 pigs are shown depending on size and availability. The pigs shown to customers have been approved by the family as at a minimum blue ribbon quality. They are priced at our base price. 

Customers also have the opportunity to visit our "Elite Barn", these pigs are raised on shavings and are priced at a premium. These elite pigs are what we believe are our very best at the time of selection. Customers may visit both places. 

If you need assistance on our opinion, we will be glad to offer our advice in choosing your next swine project.

If you are a FFA Advisor, 4-H Leader, or Feed Store Owner and would like for us to assembly and haul for your group , we will be glad to assist you. We have the numbers and the schedule to haul any time during the week. Don't worry, we always attempt to haul extra pigs, so NO ONE gets the last pig on the trailer. If you can guarantee at least 15 pigs, Lyons Show Pigs will travel. Please call for further questions and appointment.